Delicious, fully traceable, sustainably farmed, local produce

Whole box of sustainably farmed, local produce - our naturally produced lamb in basket. With view to Dumgoyne.

Here at Duncan Family Farms we are passionate about the food we produce and the manner in which we do it. So, in early summer 2019 we launched Duncan Family Farms and started selling our home-grown, grass fed lamb, hogget and mutton direct from the farm. We not only sell our products direct to the consumer from the farm but also locally through online farmers market The Open Food Network

The positive feedback we have received has been huge and we have found customers increasingly prefer to have the knowledge of where their meat/food comes from and its route from field to fork.

We can offer a fully traceable product, with a low carbon footprint and high welfare standards. All three of our farms are Quality Meat Scotland assured which ensures our animals are reared to the highest welfare standards in the world. Our sheep are all home bred and derived from our Scottish Blackface flock that originate at our hill farm in Argyll.

Our sustainably farmed, local produce is not just Scottish but SCOTCH which means our product is born, reared & processed here in Scotland.

After being born and reared on our farms our animals are transported, in small groups to our local abattoir, John Scott Meats, in Paisley. The meat is then delivered back to the farm freshly butchered, vacuum packed and ready to freeze. We have frequent deliveries back to the farm.

How to Purchase

Place your order here if you live locally or are passing by you can collect from our fridges at Lands of Drumhead. We can even courier our whole boxes of lamb, mutton and hogget UK wide by next day delivery, when available, at an extra cost.


Our products are available locally online via NeighbourFood from BalfronKillin and Dumbarton.

We also occasionally sell outdoor reared pork and are looking into selling our own Shorthorn, Highland and Aberdeen Angus beef soon.

To keep up to date what products are available and when, don’t forget to follow us on FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM.

As one of the founding members of Forth Valley Food & Drink, Duncan Family Farms have recently been recognised by them as one of their local food heroes, that since the recent Covid-19 pandemic continue to supply our surrounding area with locally produced food. To become a member of this evolving organisation please visit their website.

For recipe ideas using lamb visit –

We are also listed on Scotland Food & Drink Directory.

The benefits of eating lamb

Lamb is naturally rich in protein and provides essential minerals and vitamins that not only reduce tiredness and fatigue but also promote good health and well-being which in turn helps boost your body’s immune system.

Although its lamb that is most commonly found on supermarket shelves hogget and mutton are also available. The depth of flavour of our meat intensifies with age.

To summarise, all our meat is:

  • Reared at our farms at Lands of Drumhead, Blairfad or Inveruglas
  • Fully traceable
  • Farmed sustainably on permanent pasture
  • Naturally produced
  • Produced with minimal food miles (= low carbon footprint)
  • Quality Meat Scotland Assured which ensures the highest animal welfare standards in the world

We sell most of our sustainably farmed, local produce fresh, direct from the farm either in WHOLE or HALF boxes.


Lamb comes from a sheep that is less than one year old. As its young, it is tender and has a subtle flavour. New season lamb becomes available in June each year and is then available right through to the following year when its sometimes described as old season lamb. Lamb is very versatile and can be cooked as traditional roasts but also the mince can be used anywhere beef would normally be used and diced shoulder is ideal for curries & tagines.


Hogget comes from sheep that are aged between 1 and 2 years old. Hogget is often described as lamb but is packed with more flavour. It’s still tender like lamb but it’s extra grazing time in our natural grazing system means it has a richer, fuller flavour but is not quite as pronounced as mutton. Hogget can be cooked hot & quick like lamb or low and slow like mutton. It has an ideal fat to meat ratio.


Mutton tends to come from sheep that are 2 years old and over. It has a fuller flavour which intensifies with age. Mutton is often considered as a delicacy and can be difficult to source however we have a growing number of customers that buy mutton from us regularly now. The fat content increases with age which means that mutton benefits from being cooked slowly at a lower temperature. When cooked correctly, mutton just melts in the mouth. We are now listed as mutton producers in the UK wide directory Much Ado About Mutton.

What’s in a box?

Our Whole box is approximately 14-15Kg, normally includes the following cuts – diced shoulder, 2x rolled shoulder joints, 2 x racks, double loin chops, Leg steaks, 2 x Bone in Gigot joints, 2 x Shanks and Mince.

Our Half box, approximately 7.5Kg, normally includes the following cuts – diced shoulder, 1 x rolled shoulder joint, 1 x rack, double loin chops, Leg steaks, 1 x Bone in Gigot joints, 1 x Shank and Mince.

Our Quarter box is approximately 3kg, normally includes the following cuts – diced shoulder, leg steaks, mince and a roasting joint which is either a rolled shoulder or a gigot joint.However, if you wish we can have animals butchered to your specific requirements. Please just notify us when you place your order and we will do what we can to accommodate your request.

Rolled Shoulder14.50
Diced Shoulder16.50
Rack of Lamb26.00
Double Loin Chops20.50
Lamb Leg Steaks21.00
Gigot (On the Bone)16.50
Lamb Shank (Ex Gigot)13.50
Lamb Mince12.50
Half Box125.00/box
Whole Box 250.00/box